Radenso Pro SE Review – Special edition radar detector

When you think of a radar detector you always think of a product from manufacturers like Beltronics, Cobra, Escort, Valentine Research, and Whistler. But for a couple of years now all of this has been changing. A lot of new manufacturers are showcasing their top of the line products and one such product is the Radenso Pro SE radar detector. Radenso is a radar detector manufacturing company based in the Czech Republic.

Radenso Pro SE Features Overview

  • The Radenso Pro SE is the one of the most smallest extreme range GPS enabled radar detector available in the market right now
  • Can capture a police radar gun from a distance 8-times when compared to a normal radar detector
  • Ability to select TSR filtering accordingly.
  • Selectable K and Ka narrow band which tuned to the exact frequencies used in North America
  • Clear and Easy to understand voice alerts
  • Free lifetime GPS updates
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Radenso Pro SE Review & Suggestions

The Pro SE(Special Edition) is said to be the most sensitive windshield-mount radar detector. The detector also comes with an LNA (low-noise amplifier) seen in some other high-end radars. An LNA helps in improving both sensitivity and detection range without too much degrading the signal-to-noise ratio.

The Hardware 

The Pro SE is quite small in size just like its predecessor. The detector also comes with a high gloss impact resistant plastic case. The Pro-SE like you would expect comes with a USB connection which is located on to the right side next to the headphone jack and volume controls that can also be used to control the menu. You can find the power connector (which comes with a fairly small connector) on the left side of the radar.

To set the radar inside your car you can use the mount that has a conventional two-section cup design. Also, included inside the box are a carrying case and small instruction manual.

Unlike other radar detectors in the market, Radenso did not include a rear-facing police laser sensor on the Radenso Pro SE. The radar also comes with a two-year warranty showing that Radenso is really confident with their product.

The OLED display in the Radenso Pro-SE comes in three different colors: Blue, Red, and Yellow. Now if you had to choose one I personally would recommend you to go with the Yellow color as it seemed to have better viewing angles and a brighter display that helps during daylight. Also, avoid getting the blue color if you can as it looked a little bit washed out. The Radenso Pro SE provides some exclusive features to its advanced drivers.

Scanning Modes

Calibrating a  K-band police radar accordingly, you see that it operates at a frequency centered at 24.150Ghz. Usually, a radar detector will scan at a greater frequency range on both sides of this frequency. If the K-wide is in its conventional setting, the detector will then scan 150Mhz on each side of the center. One of the many challenges that the radar detectors face includes K-band equipped collision avoidance systems that appear in a number of cars. Although these detectors operate using a frequency modulated continuous waveform radar, transmissions from these systems will still appear as conventional continuous waveforms radar for a limited time and therefore might appear like conventional CW radar at frequencies outside police K-band radar.

Now talking about Ka-band, unlike K-band it is a wide frequency band. In the US though only three kinds of frequency bands matter 33.8Ghz, 34.7Ghz, and 35.5Ghz. And to detect these faint Ka-bands Radenso has provided a Ka-narrow scanning mode within the Pro-Se which effectively does the same thing as band-segmenting found in other radar detectors.

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Filters and Blocks Signals

The Pro-Se comes with their own version of TFSR which basically causes a slight delay in the detector when alerting for K-band radar. There are two modes of TFSR in the Pro-SE: High and Low. When comparing both the modes the HIgh mode has a slightly longer delay when compared to the Low mode. However, the delay is not that long in either of the modes and should not bother you much as their impact on detection to short duration instant-on police radar is almost negligible. The High mode though has a better filter out more systems as compared to the Low mode.'

False Alerts

The Pro-SE is accurate most of the times and it is only in some rare cases will you see it alert of you a band (X-band in most cases) with a false radar detection. This happens in most cases within a few minutes of the device being turned on.

Customize Sensitivity Modes

The Pro-SE offers three kinds of sensitivity modes that include Highway, City, and Autocity. You can, however, configure the setting in your to alert you of  X, K, and Ka radar bands, according to your preferences based on the current speed. Another thing to like about the PRo-SE is its ability to set two-speed thresholds. The first one will let you disable alerts to all radar detections while the second one allows you to operate with reduced sensitivity.

Seamless GPS integration

The Pro-SE also allows for customization of the GPS which can be set accordingly so as to alert you when your car is at a specific distance from the red light camera and other fixed camera systems. However, if you set the distance unreasonably high, chances of false alert increase. Therefore set the distance accordingly to avoid any unnecessary false alerts. Also, if there are specific known areas that you know might have radar detectors you can manually lock them out which will allow the detector to alert you when you close into those areas.


When it comes to performance there are only a few other detectors that come close to the Pro-SE. The detector offers a wide range of K-band and Ka-band along with a great level of off-axis detections. The Pro-Se, as mentioned earlier has modes like City and AutoCity which help greatly in reducing the number of false alerts. Also, impressive is the response time of the Pro-SE which might not impress you at first but give it a few weeks and the detector would have already helped you save a couple of hundred dollars.

All in all the Pro-SE might not be the best radar detectors in the market, however, its wide range of features to make it a really good choice. Also, it offers a number of configurable settings that lets you customize the detector according to your needs. Lastly, Radenso spends a lot of time in acknowledging its user's feedback, looking into everything the users have liked and disliked, and improves on its detectors accordingly.




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