Radenso Pro M Review – Radar detector with GPS lockout technology

There are not a lot of radar detectors out there in the price segment as that of the Radenso Pro M. Priced at around $550 the Radenso Pro M offers quite a lot of features which might convince you to give this ” quite expensive” radar detector a try. According to the manufacturer, the Radenso Pro M can out-range the Escort Redline in terms of sheer performance.

Radenso Pro M Review & Suggestions

Features Overview

  • Incredible Range – The Radenso Pro M provides up to several miles of range because of the high sensitivity that the detector comes with an as a result gives you protection from long-distance threats.
  • Great Support and Warranty – The detector comes with telephone and e-mail support Also included is one Year of Manufacture Warranty. The detector also has a 30 day guarantee period in which you can return the detector and get all your money back. Radenso also claims that all of their detectors are backed by the noLimits Enterprises 1 Year Radar Ticket Free Guarantee.
  • Impressive Filtering of False Alerts – The Pro M  analyzes the DNA of radar signatures and filters out most false alerts that result by cars around you using radar cruise control, blind-spot monitoring systems and traffic speed sensor devices.
  • GPS Lockout Technology – The Pro M used the inbuilt GPS to lock out areas and remember common false alerts along your regularly driven routes. This helps in blocking those unnecessary false alerts saves you from having to silence your detector again and again. All you need to do to is hold down this button to lockout an area which will then cause the detector to add it to a GPS lockout. Additional features include automatic muting below a user-selectable speed and automatic sensitivity adjustment based on current speed.
  • Red Light/ Speed Camera Alerts – Radenso database includes more than 6000 red light and speed camera locations. The Pro M  comes with free monthly updates for lifetime. All you need to do is use the built-in USB port and connect it to a computer and update the detector from time to time to make sure that the detector will never be out of date.

Items Included

  • Radenso Pro M Radar / Laser Detector
  • Windshield Suction Cup Mount
  • Power Cord
  • Carrying Case
  • Mini-USB to USB data cable
  • Instruction Manual

The Radenso Pro M just like other radar detectors at around this price range helps get rid of any false alarm that might trigger the radar detector. The detector comes with a GPS that allows the detector to identify and lock out commercial radar-controlled automatic door openers. Also, with the Satellite technology users can, with just the press of a button, add the door openers frequency and coordinates to the database. What this does is when you go past the same place again the detector will not alert you this time and will rather stay quiet. However, if the detector detects a new radar it will instantly alert the user and signal a warning.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) system is an advanced feature built-in most of the vehicles that use a radar detector to alert and warn users when a lane-change maneuver is dangerous.

Just like the Radenso XP, the Pro M comes with an LED display instead of an OLED one found in other similar high-end radar detectors. The reason why Radenso might have chosen to use an LED panel might be because of the fact that OLEDs lack the visual punch of LEDs and appear to be washed out badly in sunlight. Also, wearing sunglasses will most likely make OLED displays unreadable.

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The GPS that is built in the radar warns users of the red light and speed cameras used in 22 states. Also, the camera alerts in the detector are directional. This is an important feature to have a red light camera frequently monitor traffic only on a single street and transiting the intersection on the camera-free cross street does not have any risk. With directional alerts, the Radenso knows the camera isn't a threat and stays silent.

The GPS also lets the detector know the speed with which the car is moving, providing additional ways to reduce false alerts. You can adjust the city-mode radar sensitivity for each band independently between a value of  0 to 90% and then set a threshold speed. Also, a number of unnecessary signals caused due to door openers can be locked out thereby reducing the number of false alerts. The Pro M also comes with an AutoCity mode that lets users adjust the settings to make the Pro M more resistant to urban nuisance radar.

Also, talking about pure performance Pro M easily outperforms other radar detectors in its price segment like the Redline EX. When compared on K band, the two went toe to toe getting nearly identical scores on both of the most widely used Ka bands.


  • Superior performance
  • Effective filtering
  • Good feature set
  • User-customizable


  • Cramped controls
  • No Ka-band segmentation

Final Verdict

The Radenso Pro M is a kind of radar that allows you to customize and tweak almost all its settings and once done you need not worry about anything. The radar detector will function accordingly and provide you with the best results.

Recently, Radenso had announced a firmware update will be available for the Pro M that will boost the Ka-band performance for the detector. However, even without the update the Pro M is a beast and should be your go-to choice if you have the money for it.

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