Escort Solo S3 Review – Best Cordless Radar Detector

There are not a lot of cordless radar detector that comes out in the market, only two to be precise before the departure of the Whistler XTR-540. If you had previously used or have seen the Escort Solo S2, the Solo S3 retains the latter’s feature set and looks almost identical.

Escort Solo S3 Review & Features

Features Overview:

Radar Receiver Type: Superheterodyne, GaAs FET VCO; Scanning Frequency Discriminator; Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Laser Detector: Quantum Limited Video Receiver; Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes

Display Type: High-Resolution Graphic; OLED Display

Power Requirement: 2 AA Batteries, or Escort SmartCord (Optional)

Programmable Features: SOLO S3 packs 9-user programmable features, allowing you to customize it for your specific driving style

Digital Signal Processing (DSP); 4-bit Analog-Digital Converter

Radar Receiver/Detector Type: 4-bit Analog-Digital Converter

Radar Receiver/Detector Type: Superheterodyne, GaAs FET VCO; Scanning Frequency Discriminator

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The Escort Solo S3 now comes with an OLED display which contrasts nicely with the black case. Keeping the good looks aside the OLED display, however, does not get as bring as an LCD panel and is, therefore, is less visible in sunlight. All the controls excluding an OLED display are located at the back. On the left is the trio of status LEDs plus the power switch. Looking on the right you will find a pair of volume buttons and a third for mode selection.

All the buttons have a premium feel as they are covered with a rubber-like, non-slip material. The volume buttons are very small and difficult to operate on the go, although the mode button can be depressed with the thumb or forefinger.

The mute buttons located on the front and center of the case top also doubles as a battery-level indicator. When you need to check the battery percentage of the detector all you need to do is press the button and an icon with a percentage of the battery remaining is displayed. A pair of alkaline AA batteries is generally good for 30 to 40 hours of driving.


The Escort Solo S3 saves power by momentarily backlighting the display during an alert or when a function button has been pressed. The display and the LED stay lit however when the power cord is attached and the volts are free.

The Solo S3 can be set to display voltage, indicating the health of your car’s electrical system. This is one of the many types of status displays that you can set. Bands identified are displayed by X, K, Ka (radar) and laser. You can also see the signal strength represented by a bar graph that lights progressively, left to right, and audibly by beep frequency.

The radar detector comes with nine user-programmable options that include the three-level manual display brightness, full-dark or auto mode. City Mode offers standard, LoX (low-sensitivity X) and NoX (X-band disabled). NOx can be really useful to prevent false alarms caused due to opening and closing of automatic doors.

Selectable band defeat is another option you can use to deactivate any radar band or laser. In addition, the detector also comes with alternate sets of audio tones, a fast power-up option to skip the self-test sequence and auto shutoff. Auto shutoff allows for battery saving as the detector automatically turns off after a period of inactivity. You can use the Escort Passport Solo S3 alongside the Escort’s Laser ShifterPro laser jammer to prevent laser ambushes.

The Solo S3 being cordless has a fraction of the range when compared to other wired Escort models. For people who mostly drive around in rental cars for them the range might not be an issue but for some who wants to have a detector that can detect long range should look somewhere else.

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