Escort Max 360 Radar Detector Review

If you have ever been caught speeding you know how much it hurts to pay for those speeding tickets. That is why so many p0eople prefer to buy a radar detector that can help you save those hard earned money of yours. However, while getting a radar detector you need to look at its price and all the specifications that it comes with. One such radar detector that does a good job at helping you escape from a speeding ticket is the Escort Max 360.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector Review & Suggestions

 – Features Overview

  • Escort raises the bar once again by adding a directional indication to its award-winning Max detector line. The all-new Escort Max 360 provides drivers with extreme range, state of the art response time, pinpoint precision and directional alert display
  • High detection range – The Max 360’s dual antennas scan in every direction using the lightning-fast focus of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to find threats faster and more accurately than any other detector.
  • Unmatched precision – Escort’s Max 360’s five levels of filtering ensure the quietest ride. The Max 360 links together three driving modes along with sensitivity, Cruise Alert, and seamless connectivity via Bluetooth to its Escort Live app.
  • Rich data plus the power of community – Escort Max 360 protects drivers beyond conventional radar and laser threats by preloading our Defender Database of thousands of red light and speed camera locations in North America.
  • Simple communication – It is relatively easy to identify threats using the Escort Max 360. Directional arrows display the location of threats while a high-resolution graphics display shows the type, strength, and quantity of signals plus real-time speed limit data

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 – Features

The Escort Max 360 can detect signals like the X, K, Ka, Ka-POP and also laser signals. The Max 360 comes with a dual antenna setup which it uses to scan for signals in every direction. Also when you combine it with the detectors digital hardware it reacts very quickly and at an impressive range. The chip used inside the Max 360 is similar to the one used in Escort Max 2.

The MAx 360 as the name suggests comes with what can easily be called its best feature, the arrow indicator. The feature lets the driver know where the signal is coming from allowing them to act quickly and ignore weak, stationary signals.

The Max 360 comes with a built-in GPS-enabled Autolearn feature which allows the detector to file and rejects false alerts over time and a pre-loaded “Defender” database of red light and speed camera locations. Also, the Max has its own personal app where community members can share speed trap information, real-time radar activity, and local speed limit data.

The escort allows you to lock signal manually so if the detector comes across the locked area it quickly alerts the user. The Max 360 is also really good at remembering your inputs, a feature that you will love, which removes the hassle of setting up the detector over and over again and also minimizes a lot of false alerts.

Coming to the essentials like accuracy, range, and overall filtration abilities the Max 360 delivers on them quite well and won’t disappoint you. Just like seen in the predecessor the Max 360 also has a DSP sifts which works through heavily-saturated radar bands and help in searching for those specifically used by enforcement thereby helping ignore background noise for a pleasant, largely uninterrupted ride.

However, there are a few cons in the Max 360. First, let’s talk about the arrow indicator. The feature, in general, is very useful but respond relatively slowly when it has to detect a number of threats simultaneously in a short time. There are noticeable improvements in regards to the OLED screen as unlike the LED red light tree in the Valentine, the Max 360 can change color relative to the radar band being used.

Like plenty of radar detector out there, the Max 360 to uses a Bluetooth to link itself to smartphones, giving users access to a community-based ticket protection program called Escort Live. Escort like is free to download from the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhones. The app informs you of nearby alerts, red light camera locations, the speed limit in that area, and even your own over-speed violations. You need not be a rocket scientist to use the app. It has basic functions like swipe left to report a risky area, tap to mute, and swipe right to lock out.  Although the Escort Live app is free, to access the Defender database you will have to pay $19.95 per year.

– Verdict

If you have been looking for a radar detector with good durability and decent functionality and do not care about shelling a few extra dollars the Max 360 is for you. Also, the 360 is much more modern, intuitive, and connected way to protect yourself from getting a speeding ticket.


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