Escort iX Radar Detector Review

The Escort iX is the newly launched radar detector which claims to be better in terms of features and performance than all other previous models offered by Escort. The detector comes packed in a restyled case that's around 10mm shorter than the Passport 9500ix. Now, to mount the Escort iX the detector comes with a windshield bracket that attaches itself to the iX and seems to be the only option to do so. In case you had any Escort models before, unfortunately, you cannot use any of them with this models as they would not fit.

Escort iX Radar Detector Review & Suggestions

 – Features Overview

  • The Escort iX is an intelligent, high performing long-range radar laser detector that possesses early warning and fast response on all radar bands. These radar bands include conventional and instant-on X-band, K-band, SuperWide Ka-band and POP mode
  • The Escort iX has superior sensitivity on all conventional and instant-on radar bands plus maximum laser range and off-axis coverage.
  • ESCORT’s standard DSP technology and multiple laser sensors provide the earliest warning of speed-monitoring threats.
  • The proprietary anti-falsing design uses the power of GPS to learn and automatically reject fixed position false alarms.
  • It’s sophisticated system automatically reduces false alerts from moving In-Vehicle Technology sources such as collision avoidance systems.

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 – Hardware

Looking at the Escort iX you will find that there are six primary buttons on the top. Unlike the 9500ix these are quite small in size. This was done by narrowing down the space between the buttons. So if you have large figures chances are you might have some difficulty in pressing the right buttons.

 – Features

First, the Escort iX comes with Bluetooth which lets you easily link the detector with the Escort Live mobile app. Next, instead of an LCD display that you normally see on many radar detectors, this Escort model comes with an OLED panel. And if you have used an OLED display before you might know them come with a few drawbacks. This one, in particular, has too much of information displayed in too little space along with tiny fonts and low contrast and the most common one being the display not having good visibility under direct sunlight.

The iX like other radar detectors in this price range comes with the ability to lock out annoying signals like radar-controlled automatic door openers. This is done automatically after the detector passes through them on multiple occasions. Also, the detector comes inbuilt software that varies sensitivity according to speed, dialing it back automatically at low speeds to help which help reduce false alarms. The detector comes with an alert for overspeeding (set at 70 mph by default) that can be annoying for a lot of people. So whenever your car crosses the 70 mph barrier the detector will alert you of overspeeding. You can, however, turn this off by changing the user mode to Advanced and navigate through the Preferences menu.


Talking about the performance when compared against the 9500ix the Escort iX delivered 25 percent better range on the 34.7 GHz radar test. However,  the gap narrowed when compared on 35.5 GHz radar test where the iX only just managed to beat the 9500xi by three percent. Where the iX rally stood out was in the K-band range where it delivered nearly double the range compared to the 9500ix.

The detector, however, signals a lot of false alarms caused due to the automatic door openers. For every  K-band police radar the iX spots, it will also alert a number times in reaction to BSM radar and door openers.

– Verdict

In terms of how easy the detector is to use the iX definitely falls behind when compared to the older models. Compact body, small buttons, and an inferior display are some of the reasons why users might not have a great experience using the Escort iX.

However, if you are someone who does not like playing with the settings much and pretty much like the detector do its own thing you can actually consider giving it a try. If you want to look somewhere else you can give the  Radenso Pro M and Radenso XP a try as both have a better display and also are less noisy when compared to the iX.

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