Beltronics Pro 100 Review – Best Radar Detector with Ultra Bright LED

The Beltronics Pro 100 is an entry-level radar detector from BEL. The Pro 100 is first in line in the Pro series of radar detectors from Beletronics which include the Pro 200, Pro 300 and Pro 500.

Beltronics Pro 100 Features Overview

  • The Pro 100 gives you six times the sensitivity of any imported radar detector, including the latest POP mode threat, which is optimized for all U.S. radar and laser guns. Also, its lightning fast microprocessor delivers alerts in less than 500 milliseconds.
  • The Pro100 is very easy to use. Preset at the factory, the Pro 100 is optimized for driving in the United States, Multiple user-selectable options make it simple to change.
  • Multiple sensitivity modes and the unique TSR (traffic sensor rejection) help the Pro 100 filter out false alarms. There is also an AutoMute feature that reduces the alert volume automatically so as to stay informed without needing to press a mute button.
  • The Pro100 has a display that keeps you informed at all times. The radar detector’s ultra-bright LED matrix display always keeps you up to date. The detector comes in four levels of brightness, including a full-dark mode for discreet night travel which is standard.
  • Clear visual and audible alerts along with the high-bright display which makes it is easy to read from any angle. There is also the standard bar-graph that displays relative signal strength.

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Beltronics Pro 100 Review and Suggestions

Beltronics Pro 100 ReviewThe radar detector is made up of a unique matte-black, soft-touch material.

The material feels premium and has a similar businesslike appearance along with a satisfying heft seen in other Pro-Series detectors from BEL.

BELL PRO 100 rubber-like finish not only makes the device look premium but it also makes the detector more resistant to windshield reflections than many competing models.

However, the PRO 100 does not come with a built-in GPS, therefore, making it more likely to false-alarm. This is where the PRO 100 falls short when compared to its other siblings the Escort Max 360and Escort iX. However, this makes the PRO100 a lot cheaper.

The Beltronics Pro 100 comes with two city modes (standard and “No X”), to adjust the tolerance for false signals.

It also has “POP” mode radar detection.  The Pro100 just like other BELL radar detectors detects all the relevant radar signals and the types of laser typically in use today.

The BELL Pro100 comes with a red digital display seen in BEL’s high-end models. It features an alpha-numeric display along with voice alerts.

The display stands out when compared to other LCD, LED or the OLED display found on some detectors as the screen gets much brighter and therefore is easier to read during the daytime.

There are three modes you can switch between to adjust the screen brightness, full brightness, medium and a dark mode. The dark mode displays a tiny, dim icon that shows only the operating mode, stealthy for low-profile nighttime operation.

The Pro 100 does come with a few tweaks which enhance its performance. First, we have an improved range. According to Beltronics the Pro 100 has “six times the range of others in its class”.

Next, Beltonics claims that the Pro 100 is factory optimized for a domestic US driver. Finally look at everything you get with the Pro100 including the ultra-bright LED display with multiple brightness levels including dark mode, over 60 voice alerts, auto and manual muting, VG-2 undetectability, auto memory retention, and general ease-of-use. All this and more make the Pro100 a really good choice for anyone looking for a decent radar detector.

The PRO100’s performance when compared to other radar detectors in its price range turned in very class-competitive scores.

However, it lagged far behind on X band, but that should not concern you much if you do not drive in Ohio or New Jersey, where X-band radar remains in use by state police.

There was an increase by another 5% in performance when we compared it against the other dominant Ka-band frequency, 35.5 GHz which is used by more than 90% of the remaining Ka-band radar guns available nationwide.

All in all, go for the Pro100 if you are on a tight budget and have an urgent need for a radar detector.

However, if you can wait, hold on for a bit and get a Pro200 or Pro500 maybe(if you are fine with spending that much on a detector) as they come with better sensors and will give you better performance.


  • Compact Design.
  • Great Built Quality.
  • Has a Bright Display which makes it easier to read even during daytime.


  • Detection Range is not that good.
  • Extreme Amount of False Alarms, Especially on K band.
  • Fails to Alert When Radar Sources are Detected.
  • Does Not Come with a SmartCord.
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