Beltronics 015007-6 STi Magnum Radar Detector Review

Beltronics 015007-6 STi OVERVIEW

There aren't many detectors that match the simplicity and effectiveness of the Beltronics 015007-6 STi Magnum. It's an older detector which means it's already leaning when it comes to GPS or Bluetooth. Despite all this, it constitutes giving a phenomenal performance. It also does include the functionality of syncing data to the EscortLive app, giving you frequent updates while on the road. Where other detectors make you read lengthy “QuickStartGuides” this device doesn't require hours of reading or extensive training to use. It's too simple to operate than even a technophobe could get his hands on this and start using it.


  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Long range
  • Laser Protection feature
  • HD Text Display
  • Clear Digital Voice alerts
  • City mode filtering
  • Strongly built
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Affinity to EscortLive




It comes packed in a hard plastic shell case which offers excellent protection. Upon opening the product packaging, you are shown the product with a small compartment separating it and the smart power cord. The detector also comes with a hard shell case for added protection. Beneath the device is the warranty manual and the resource center pamphlet. Opening the hard shell case introduces us to the device in all its glory, along with two suction cups. We appreciate the packaging of this device as even within its hard shell case, it is in between a wide piece of mesh protecting it from bouncing around the case. No SmartCord is inside the packaging, besides you do have to buy it separately.


The Beltronics STi Magnum is probably the first ever detector to have two forward facing radar antennae. The payoff of this is world class radar range. It was also the first ever RDD proof (Radar Detector Detectors) device to show up. On paper and even in-hand, we believe this device is almost identical to the Escort Redline. This comes under no confusion since Beltronics is a subsidiary to Escort which is probably the reason why the two are similar. Despite the ‘under the hood' similarities, the build of the two is entirely different. Bel Magnum has a magnesium housing whereas the Esc Redline has a polycarbonate finish. It has a decent matte black casing finish which reduces the glare reflected on the windshield. In addition to the three buttons on the main housing frame, it has a visual alert screen which provides the driver with the bands (K, Ka, X).

This follows a bar graphical representation of the incoming signal strength. One of the buttons mentioned above controls brightness in four basic adjustments, and one turns the device “ON”. All this keeps this device's reputation in the ‘Best Radar Detectors' category, and it is quite well given. However, the lack of GPS is probably the main reason why we don't count as one.


It has a powerful enough external speaker which can alert a driver driving even an 18-wheeler with deafening ambient noise. The device has three settings – Highway, Auto and Auto No X. ‘Highway' setting picks up all interferences due to its highly sensitive dual antenna setup. It'll pick up all radar distortions. ‘Auto' is the setting we recommend you to use this one used a digital sensor to block out any signals not coming from a radar gun. As the name suggests, ‘Auto No X' cancels out the detection of the X-band considering almost all false alarms are within the X-band range. We recommend using this one when in densely populated areas.

This held the record for the longest radar detection – approximately 14 miles – which is staggering for a device with zero GPS enhancements. Having such robust array of features and being exasperatingly good, this device is one for the ages, with customer base mainly being the distance addicts. But with lacking GPS, the detector doesn't come preloaded with locations of different red light cams or coming speed gun position. You also can not block regular alerts or false alerts and also can not share locations with other users. And to use the EscortLive app, you will have to buy the SmartPlug separately and connect your phone via Bluetooth.


We consider the Beltronics STi Magnum to be a great entry level detector which offers excellent range and even better accuracy. The inclusion of RDD makes it a stealthy assassin. It lacks the GPS capability but works like a charm nonetheless. Coming in at $695 we expect it to be a good buy.


  • Compatibility with EscortLive
  • World-Class range
  • User-friendly
  • Robust build
  • Superb alert system


  • Lacks GPS
  • Pricey
  • Not immune to false alarms


Due to the dissolution of the subsidiary Beltronics, Beltronics 015007-6 STi has been discontinued and has now been successfully replaced with Escort Redline. This has all the similar features the Sti Magnum constituted of but with a different body. A few under the hood changes make the Escort Redline, if not more, then an equally good buy.

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